Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes

Today’s question is: HAVE YOU ACCEPTED DIABETES?

What is meant by acceptance, anyhow?

When it comes to accepting diabetes into my family, I found it was a process! A process that took time. Time that seemed painful. I wanted to hurry to get to feeling better about the diagnosis. Hurry to bury all of my negative thoughts. I realized it couldn’t be hurried.

The process of accepting diabetes takes time and begins with awareness. Just being aware of the changes that diabetes has on your family is important.

However, being aware of the impact can send many into having a life that is lived on default mode. The thoughts that come up with awareness can be negative and we take charge of them.

Controlling our thoughts is done through intentional thinking and our pre-frontal cortex.

It is what I consider the privileged part of our brain. The other part of our brain, our primitive brain, just wants to survive. That’s what it’s been trained to do since we lived in caves. However, now that we don’t have to hunt for food, fight off lions, and think about our survival on a daily basis, we need to redirect it.

We can redirect our brain from thinking that diabetes is going to cause a daily struggle…to diabetes being an opportunity

We can use the privileged part of our brain to plan beyond our survival instinct.

Want to live each day looking forward to your future? Toward a future you create? One that isn’t dictated by blood sugar numbers?

Once you are aware of what you want to intentionally think about diabetes. Aware of the thought you want to think on purpose. Maybe a thought that empowers you?

Maybe a thought that diabetes is an opportunity for you to be this incredible mom? Remember you get to pick your thought. All thoughts are available to you!

Once we find that thought our inclination is to hurry up and accept that thought as truth. Why? Because the thought we now think feels so bad. The thought that diabetes will always be a struggle, that diabetes will always create anxiety, that diabetes is overwhelming….

Acceptance doesn’t just happen. It lives in the pause after awareness. The pause that is required. The pause is where the beauty happens. The pause is where acceptance resides.

Just be with the feeling you want to create. Once you are aware of the feeling that is created by the new thought, “Can you just be present with it?” Can you sit in the vibration in your body that is created and actually believe it?  I had to sit with the vibration of joy.

Was it believable that diabetes could feel like joy?

My pause was filled with many thoughts, which did not create a feeling of joy, were not acceptance. Yes, I was aware that I wanted diabetes to be this wonderful opportunity for me to do difficult things and to be a stronger, more determined mom. However, I could not just believe that without pausing. Without living in the thought and finding a way that I could truly believe it.

I had to retrain my brain that was used to thinking about diabetes a certain way. The pause allowed me to stay in a place of no judgement. A place of unconditional love of myself.

I tried to go right to acceptance and found myself questioning it all. I wanted to believe so badly that diabetes was this wonderful gift but I didn’t. I had to take time to figure out why and how it could be a gift…an opportunity.

I spent so much time creating awareness, but acceptance was the key. It was not easy, but necessary!

LOOK at your life and the results you are currently getting. Ask yourself, “What thoughts am I thinking that create these results?” Ask yourself if those thoughts that serve you?

This can help to get you to a place of acceptance without judgement. Figure out what result you want and then work from a place of non-judgment to explore them.

Once you create the awareness and acceptance, the next step is to use your wisdom to change. Change can only come when you fully own what you are currently thinking.

It doesn’t come from changing your thinking, when you’re in a hurry to avoid the pain of where you are right now.

If you’re wanting a change right now, in a hurry, you’re not ready. You haven’t found acceptance. Slow down…hit pause.

Awareness first, Acceptance second, and then the wisdom to change.

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