Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question: What do you want? Do you even know?

Why do desires and dreams even matter? If we are all wanting from a place of lack and scarcity, it can feel bad, and many of you would rather not want at all than be disappointed. Why even set a goal of a certain A1C when it might be a struggle to get there?

Think about this – you don’t have to justify your wants. You’re just allowed to want something because you do. How fun is that?

Imagine just wanting a lower A1C and then working to get there without any struggle. Let the struggle go. Just try your best. Let the self-judgement go.

So many of us try and over-explain our wants in life. It’s just not necessary. Want what you want and then go out and try and get it. If you get it…awesome. If you don’t…don’t use it as an opportunity to beat yourself up.

Don’t use diabetes as a way to be a victim, either. Don’t use diabetes as an excuse. Show up. Explore your deeper desires and dreams. What are they? Do you even know? So often, we bury our desires beneath a heavy layer of doubt.

Here’s the thing with that – you’re never going to regret believing in yourself. You will regret doubting yourself. Going all in is never regrettable.

You’re not always going to be successful. You know that diabetes is challenging and you can only do the best you can. You know you may have to try a few times and commit, but it will be worth it.

Desires nag at us; they never really go away. If we listen to them, they will lead us to a life where we feel most alive. When we don’t pay attention to our desires, we end up doing things to distract ourselves from them.

When you think about your desires, you can generate the emotions necessary to act on them. If you’re just living a life where you’re not looking at dreams and not looking at your desires, you stagnate in a mediocre life.

The more you honor and pay attention to your dreams, the more doubt you’re going to have. That’s where clearing the mind clutter can help. Do a thought download and put down all of your thoughts on a piece of paper. Just spend 10 minutes and then put back in the thoughts you like.

You choose which thoughts you like and want to keep. Keep the ones that inspire you towards your dreams and desires.

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