Welcome to all of my Moms who have a child with diabetes!

Today’s Question:  Do you believe that you’d “feel better” if social distancing would end?

It’s natural to feel that way. It seems we all want to believe that ending social distancing would equate to happiness. However it’s so not true.

The only reason any of us ever want anything is because of how we believe we will feel in attaining and having it. How we feel is NEVER the result of a circumstance. It’s always tied to a thought.

The circumstance is neutral. Social distancing is totally neutral until we have a thought about it. So how do we start to feel better? We first have to identify how we actually want to feel.

Ask yourself: “What will be different when social distancing ends, and what will be the same?” The answer will point you toward something you are hoping to feel. For me, it’s the feeling of freedom. The feeling of not being contained. What’s the feeling you are wanting?

Next, ask yourself: “What would give me that feeling, and am I focused on something externally that I need to achieve, or am I believing that I can create whatever emotion it is that I want to feel right now?”

Often, we think, “When I have, do, or accomplish (fill in the blank”, THEN I will feel better.”

The truth is, we never have to wait to have something in order to feel better. We can feel better right now if we choose to.

Feelings are created by us and are for us. If we want to feel excited, we can think about things that excite us on purpose, and we will feel excited more often. If we want to feel happiness, we can think about things that make us feel happy, and we will experience happiness more often.

Here’s the thing – the key to feeling better is all in our minds.

The only thing we need to feel better is to know what we are feeling now, know how we want to feel and then generate thoughts (that we can believe) to help us feel that way. The thoughts have to be believable.

How do you want to feel today?

It’s worth giving it some thought.

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