Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Do you know the main differences between Therapy and Coaching?

Some painful experiences and traumas that happen in our pasts require therapy in order for us to heal and move on in our lives. Others do not require us to go into the past to be solved. I think it’s important for us to understand some of the differences between therapy and life coaching.

Therapists in general work in a regulated industry, and that’s a huge difference between life coaches and therapists. Therapists are regulated.

Life coaching is an unregulated industry. I think this is a beautiful thing for life coaches because we have the freedom to be able to coach in a the way we want. But we also have a huge responsibility to monitor ourselves in terms of our own ethics, professionalism, and boundaries.

Most therapy is usually diagnostic based: therapists will diagnose a nonfunctioning problem that needs to be solved.

Coaching typically takes someone who is already high functioning to the next level.

Life coaching has come in and provided a solution for many of us who are high functioning, yet still suffering.  There is a place for therapy, absolutely, but I’m confident there is also an amazing place for life coaching. They can coexist with each other beautifully.

If you are not investing in your mental health – if you’re not in therapy or if you don’t have a life coach, if you’re not spending time investing in your health, you will find yourself stuck in your ability to grow and create.

My clients come to me looking for a way to cope with having a child with diabetes. They intellectually understand diabetes but have trouble finding power and purpose from the pain.

They schedule time weekly with me to set their personal GPS and to create a path to where they want to be. That is honestly important for all of us in all aspects of our lives creating an intentional future.

My clients begin to pay attention to their brain and deliberately thinking on purpose. Otherwise, they find that get swept up in messages that are constantly being put into their brain unintentionally. Ultimately, my clients end up with results in their life they want. They take control and full responsibility for their future.

I love working as a life coach. I love that I get to help high performing moms take control over the anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion they feel from having a child with diabetes.

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