Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kiddos,

Today’s question is: Are you stuck in your life?

Guess what? You are NEVER really stuck. Feeling stuck is always just a thought. Feeling stuck is merely an opportunity to coach yourself.

Feeling stuck in your thoughts about DIABETES is an opportunity to get UNSTUCK.  Getting unstuck is a result of doing the work on your mind.  Is it easy? No! Is it worth it? YES

There are things in life that make you feel happier and there are things that make you feel unhappy, but regardless of happy or unhappy feelings – your thinking is still what’s causing you to feel the way you do in either situation.

If you have a thought that you are stuck in your life because of diabetes, pay attention to that thought since that thought will not serve you. You need to find that thought before you can change it.

I know you have lots of evidence why you are stuck, why life is challenging, why life is difficult, why you are overwhelmed. I get it. I was there not that long ago.

The highs and lows of blood sugars can make you feel stuck, right? No only your thinking can make you feel stuck.

If you are feeling stuck, it’s because you are thinking a thought that is creating a feeling like fear! When you are feeling fear, you are going to act in a way that doesn’t serve you, and in turn, you will continue to feel unhappy and stuck.

The way to navigate this and get unstuck is to look at your thinking and ask yourself how you’d like to feel? Do you want to feel determined, empowered, or do you want to feel like a victim and powerless?

Then look at a thought that will generate the feeling you would like. Once you feelings have shifted, because you realize that you are in control of them, you will learn how much power you have to change from within.

Allow yourself to fully realize and experience the truth that no matter your current situation, you can feel however you’d like in the midst of it. You can even choose to be happy!

When you’re able to feel happy exactly where you are, that’s when you will have the freedom to decide what you’d like to do next. What is necessary to get unstuck? Thought management!

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