Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: How do you feel when you hope for something?

Hope is one of those emotions that sounds good and positive, but when you check in with how you actually feel, you’ll find out that hope doesn’t serve you. Think about what action hope inspires?

The problem is hope doesn’t inspire action. Hope is passive. Hope crosses its fingers. Hope often has us reject the present moment in exchange for some possible future moment that will be better. Hope takes the action out of our lives and leaves us waiting and wanting.

When you hope for a good A1C or when you hope blood sugar numbers are within the range you’ve set, you aren’t feeling in control. Hope comes from waiting to see what your future holds, instead of creating your future on purpose.

We believe we will wake up tomorrow, but we don’t believe that we can control the anxiety and worry created by diabetes. We don’t allow ourselves to believe having a child with diabetes can exist without anxiety and worry. We don’t commit to believing. We hope but hope leaves us waiting and wanting without responsibility.

I’ve heard moms say, “I hope this all works out.” Whether it works out or not depends on your interpretation of what happens. Believing something like, “I hope this works out” is very different from, “I am committed to making this work out.”

We use hope as a way of not asking much of ourselves. We shouldn’t passively hope for things to be different by some external changes in the world or our circumstances changing.

When we hope for peace, we prevent ourselves from feeling peace now. When we hope for less anxiety and worry about diabetes, we prevent ourselves from feeling it now. Why do we hope for less anxiety and worry, if we can already have it?  When you’re a mom who takes control over diabetes, you can bring your own peace. You don’t need to hope for it, you don’t need to wait for it.

Giving up hope is the ultimate in taking responsibility. Instead of hoping life hands you what you want, you go and get it. I want you to go get it because here’s the difference.

If you go get it, then you build up your capability. You build up your capacity. You build up your confidence.

Then you know you can go get it again.

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