Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: What is your biggest problem, when it comes to diabetes?

Let’s get right to the business of problem solving. Every day, if you’re like me, you have a problem related to diabetes. My biggest problem was always stopping that big spike after meals. It was a problem for me and I made it a problem for my son.

Why was it a problem?

Perhaps your answer would be that he would have terrible long term complications if I didn’t stop the spike. Perhaps your answer would be that he wouldn’t feel well if I didn’t manage his numbers. The answer is that it was a problem because of my thought about it. Thinking negative thoughts never allowed me to create a solution.

Any problem you have is actually created by your thoughts about that “problem.”

How do I know this is true…because what is a problem for one person is not a problem for another. What feels like a huge problem to you may not feel like a problem to someone else with a T1D child…maybe the problem just needs a does of perspective.

Realizing that seeing that spike after a meal doesn’t have to be a problem, doesn’t have to make me feel inadequate, doesn’t have to make me feel angry or frustrated gives me freedom to find a solution.

Seeing double arrows up just means that the insulin bolus or timing were off (maybe both.) Plain and Simple. WOW…mind blown. Notice how you are thinking about the problem you are having with diabetes. Is it just about the numbers? Is it about how your child is feeling? Is it about your anxiety related to his or her future? So many questions…

Gain perspective and look for a solution. Solutions move problems forward. Put your mind to work on the solution.

If the problem involves your child, their social interaction, their feelings about themselves, their feelings about diabetes…take a look at how you are viewing diabetes, viewing their social interactions, their future life. They will mimic your thought and beliefs. If it’s a problem for you, your child will think it needs to be a problem for them. 

You are the one who decides what kinds of problems you have…

When you own that, you can get to the business of creative problem solving from a place of wisdom – instead of a place of defeat, a place of blame, a place of being a victim. When you take responsibility for your thoughts, you open up your brain to looking for new options, new ways to think about diabetes.

Thoughts are just sentences in your head…be sure that you are choosing thoughts intentionally and that they serve you!

Another piece of problem solving is figuring out what you really want. Do you know what you want? What you role you want diabetes to take in your life, in your child’s life? Do you know what you want to feel about diabetes, what you want to portray to your child about diabetes?

How do you want to feel about this perceived problem? Why are you not feeling that way? What thought will get you to feel that way?

How we think about it and feel about it is our choice. When I’m dealing with a problem (diabetes related or another issue in my life), I like to feel creative, wise, peaceful and calm. When I feel that way, I am able to problem solve like a superhero, with super powers. Those feelings inspire me, they empower me, they allow me to find solutions that serve me, my son and my family.

Problems with diabetes aren’t problems until you think they are. They can just be opportunities for growth. Thoughts about problem are choices.

How do you want to think about the problems you have with diabetes? Do you want to think they are solvable? If you think they are solvable…they will be! When I have a problem with diabetes I now look to my thoughts and figure out how I want to approach the problem, how I want to feel about the problem and then how I want to solve the problem.

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