Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kiddos,

Today’s question is: Do you use diabetes as an excuse to quit?

Quitting is a habit, and justifying quitting is a skill. What you practice is what you get better at, so if you are practicing quitting, you’re getting better at quitting. If you’re practicing using diabetes as an excuse to quit, you’re developing that skill to help you quit in the future.

What skill are you developing? The skill of not following through or a skill of hanging in there no matter what?

Not following through is easy, especially as moms of children with diabetes. There is always a reason, evidence for why, we shouldn’t do something. Justifying is something we get good at. Making excuses is something we get good at. Sometimes we even quit before we ever start.

However, in order to quit we must have committed to it in the first place, so that means there is something inside of us that wanted it. We just need to channel that desire and understand that there will be discomfort along with that commitment.

We need to be willing to experience the discomfort. We need to allow the discomfort to strengthen us to move forward. We, as moms of children with diabetes, already do difficult things. We do them every day. We need to channel that strength into all areas of our lives.

Making the decision to not quit is easy! It’s what is left after you make that decision that is hard. You need to anticipate that the desire to quit is going to come and it will be challenging to stay committed. Decide what you want and go after it.

Understanding your primitive brain and how it is wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy explains why the desire to quit will always be prevalent. That desire to quit is driven by our primitive brains. We need to continually take charge of our thoughts, intentionally. We can choose a path towards personal growth.

We need to learn to manage the discomfort instead of answering it with quitting. We need to refuse to be confused. We need to keep taking massive action until we get the results we want.

The more you overcome adversity, the more you will stop quitting. If you stop quitting you will:

  • challenge yourself
  • learn to overcome those challenges and
  • blow your own mind with what you are capable of…

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