Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: What is the thought you’d like to believe about diabetes, but still can’t find a way to believe it?

Guess what…give yourself permission to keep thinking that thought! There were times that I needed to hate diabetes, to be angry with diabetes, to be overwhelmed by it all…the blood sugar lows, the highs, the ordering of supplies, the constant interruption of sleep…but when I was ready I knew there was another thought that would serve me  and create a better future.

You will know when you’re ready. In the meantime…be kind to yourself, keep loving yourself, keep feeling the pain and don’t avoid, react or resist it. Know you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this world. 

There is no deadline for processing pain. 

What helped me is understanding that I was responsible for the pain. Stopped blaming diabetes.  I knew I created the pain in my mind with my thoughts. That’s what I wanted to do – feel pain. I learned so much when I started not resisting it. I met myself on the inside and made peace with my thoughts. When I was ready!

I forgave myself for the part of me that hated diabetes.

I now accept myself for who I am and separate diabetes from me. I am not diabetes. Diabetes is just a circumstance that happened to me. I worked diligently in believing my thoughts created that pain.

If I can create pain with my mind- the best news is that I could create relief with my mind.

Give yourself time to understand what you want to think about diabetes. Create that thought on purpose. Don’t let diabetes trigger a negative thought from your primitive brain…choose that thought on purpose. Choose that thought from a place of power – a place of control.

Own the pain. Own the thought. Be Kind to Yourself! You are 100% capable of managing all of this!

After all, you are a mom to an incredible T1D child! Now invite yourself to let the negative thought go! On your own terms. Give yourself time to respond to the invitation.

In order to release that pain…to let it go…you must acknowledge that you are holding it. That’s the work that needs to be done!

Time does make it easier. The more time, the better your perspective will be, especially, if you are paying attention to your thoughts. One day you will be able to release that tight grip on the painful thoughts of diabetes. The grip will get lighter and then you will eventually be able to open your grip and release the pain…let it go!

You will still have days that you intentionally have a tight grip on the pain! That’s what you will choose…with intention! I know I do! That’s life…that’s the beauty of living in this world of ours. Feeling the whole range of feelings!  Not allowing diabetes to take our power away. Not giving diabetes total control over us!

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