Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kiddos,

Today’s question is:What makes someone or something lovable?

Let’s first consider what makes someone lovable or unlovable. Most of us believe that someone is lovable if someone loves them. If someone shows you love, you make it mean you are lovable. If someone doesn’t show you love, you make that mean you are not lovable. Guess what?

Actually, what makes someone lovable to you is that you choose to love them. If you love someone it only is a reflection of you, not them.

If someone loves you it doesn’t mean you are lovable. It only means something about them. It means they have the ability to love.

Let’s think about diabetes – most moms who have a child with diabetes are not in love with diabetes – they blame it, they’re angry about it, they struggle every day with it, they feel they can never change their opinion about it, nor should they…if they don’t want to…

I know…that was me! Spending every day blaming and being a victim of diabetes. I started to question how that was showing up in my life. I asked, “How big is my ability to love?”

Mine wasn’t that big. Diabetes was definitely not lovable, not by me anyhow. I knew moms who embraced and allowed diabetes to be an opportunity for their families and thought they were crazy.

Why would anyone want to love and embrace diabetes? What opportunity could it possibly present?

Well, I finally decided to try and change my mind set! It was a life changing experience! I looked at my life and realized that I could go on spending it fighting against reality or use it as an opportunity to grow. I got myself a life coach and did the work. I decided that it would have been an even better experience if I had a life coach that was just like me…a mom of a child who had diabetes.

So I dedicated my time to getting certified and continued to reap the benefits of coaching. I began viewing diabetes as a daily opportunity to be the best, most incredible mom I knew.

You may ask, “How did my life change?” In so many ways, I started by realizing I was 100% LOVEABLE!  Regardless of how I was or did show up in my life I could love me.

No I wasn’t perfect, nor did I want to be. I wanted to be me…the best version of me.

Yes, I benefited but my family did too…they went on to not hate diabetes, to embrace all struggles as opportunities to be the best versions of themselves. They went on to Harvard to be a cardio-thoracic anesthesiologist, to be an female orthopedic surgeon, to be an engineer, and a first year medical student.

The results of processing the pain caused diabetes and embracing it all, was not comfortable, but entirely worth all the time, money and effort. It changed me both on a personal and professional level.

Managing your mind and making purposeful choices in life is empowering. Is my life now just rainbows and daisies…heck no! However, I do feel stronger that I am showing up in the world with intention and a drive to make the world a better place by coaching one mom at a time to be the best version of herself.

If you want help discovering your child’s diagnosis as an positive opportunity, I’d love to chat with you.

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