Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Do you take time to celebrate making it through 100% of your toughest days?

Today marks the end to my 30 day blogging challenge. It’s a day for me to celebrate, but honestly I’ve celebrated every day. YEP…with a dance party and Whitney Houston’s song, Step by Step!

Yes…there are tough days. There are days that there are so many mountains and valleys on his blood sugar graph – it’s exhausting just looking at it. There were days that managing his 504 was so overwhelming that I wonder if there was anyone in school who really cared. However I find something to celebrate every day! Yes…every day!

The first thing to celebrate is: What you’re serving for dinner? Odd question…well as a mom of a T1D kiddo…my thoughts are that you’re always serving hustle, resilience and determination! CELEBRATE THAT!

How incredible is it that you get to overcome challenges every day! There is an opportunity to be courageous and develop personal growth every day. Even days you don’t feel like it…you still step up and continue to take blood sugars, bolus insulin and manage the highs and lows. Building resilience, determination, and grit in both yourself and your T1D is something to celebrate – ALWAYS!

The second thing to celebrate is: Not getting hit by a bus! Celebrate that there could always be something worse happen! ! CELEBRATE THAT!

Every night I decided at dinner to have all of us say our favorite part of the day (we still do this 31 years later.) After saying Grace we would start with the youngest and go up the ladder to the oldest. It was always interesting to me what made up each favorite part. However, whenever we’d have a “I don’t have a favorite part.” Our collective answer would be, “Well you didn’t get hit by a bus!” The ability to be thankful for what you do have and for each other is something to celebrate – ALWAYS!

The third thing to celebrate is: insulin! CELEBRATE THAT!

I often forget that many years, before the invention of insulin, children who developed diabetes died. I am grateful for those who dedicated their lives to developing insulin. Also I’m thankful for all of our health care providers who continue to be on the cutting edge of research and development bringing us new technologies so that our children are able to live an incredible life. The ability to be able to provide insulin to our children is something to celebrate – ALWAYS!

Give yourself permission to celebrate! Tell yourself how proud you are that you continue to do the work of taking care of your T1D. Managing tough days are part of being human but so is celebrating having survived those tough days!

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