Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes

Today’s question is: Are we supposed to feel self-doubt as a mom of a child who has diabetes?

I always avoided any uncomfortable feeling. I always wanted to feel confident and in control. I believed that self-doubt meant I was weak and lacked confidence.

Is that what you believe? Do you believe that self-doubt is a sign of weakness?

Guess what? When we decide to grow and evolve to our next level, we are always going to have self-doubt as a companion. It’s just part of the process. Growing and evolving is uncomfortable.

In fact, I now believe that because self-doubt is part of growing and evolving, many people choose to stay comfortable right where they are. I chose it for a long time. What are you choosing?

I lived in survival mode for years after diabetes entered my life. I lived blood sugar to blood sugar. I lived A1C to A1C. I felt stuck and felt like a victim of diabetes. I didn’t have any self-doubt since I have no big dreams or goals. I had no dreams or goals period.

My goal now is to help all moms who have a child with diabetes realize that they are supposed to have big dreams and goals and that self-doubt is part of the deal.

The definition of self-doubt is a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s ability. Sounds uncomfortable to me. Sounds like something my primitive brain wants to avoid. Sounds like something you should avoid. Right?

Nope! You should not avoid self-doubt. It’s how you grow. It’s how you evolve. It’s how you show your children you can do difficult things. It’s how you show them they can do difficult things. It’s how you show them to dream big and go after that dream.

Do you believe that you are entitled to an easy life, especially since you have a child who has diabetes? Where did we get the idea that you were entitled to an easy life?

Let go of that thought. It doesn’t serve you. Believe what you are entitled to is to have the strength to overcome obstacles.

How do we get that strength? Is it by avoiding self-doubt? Is it by choosing self-doubt? Is it by choosing to be uncomfortable? Who would do that?

You can do that! You can set an impossible goal and go after it. You can plan for your brain to freak out. That’s it’s job. It’s job is to tell you to stay comfortable and not try new things when you set a goal that is bigger than what you’ve done in the past!

Growing and evolving isn’t supposed to feel like rainbows, puppies and sunshine! It’s supposed to feel like determination, grit and perseverance.

Very rarely does pursuing our dreams feel like anything other than a lot of effort wrapped in a bunch of self-doubt. Accept that self-doubt is going to be there and go after that dream anyhow!

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