Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Every time you think of diabetes (for me it was 24-7) does it cause you pain?

When something unexpected happens…when your child gets diagnosed with diabetes that you label as bad, the most important thing to remember is that all problems are in your mind. Difficult to understand? YES…it was for me, too! When my son was diagnosed the only choice I believed I had was to hate it, to hate diabetes, to hate every blood sugar reading, to hate having to order supplies, to hate the looks that everyone gave me when I had to take a blood sugar in public.

How do you feel about diabetes? Do you know that you have a choice on how you feel? Do you know that when you hate diabetes you give all of your power, your emotional well-being over to it.

When you choose unintentionally to hate diabetes you don’t take responsibility for your life. When you let the primitive part of your brain control your thoughts you succumb to survival mode. I was in survival mode for years. It didn’t feel good. It was disempowering.

If every time you think about diabetes (which is 24-7, if you’re like me) and it’s causing you pain, the thought is NOT serving you!

You need to decide, on purpose, how you want to feel when you think about diabetes. Do you want to feel acceptance, openness and love when you think of diabetes or do you want to argue with reality? There is no upside to arguing with reality. Your child has diabetes. There is no place where you can be creative and wise when you are arguing with reality because you are trying to win a battle that’s unwinnable.

A really good question is: Who do you want to be, as you go through life as a mom of a T1D child? Do you want to feel frustrated and scared, like a victim? Or open to solutions and strong?

Instead of resisting reality you can just notice the thoughts that are creating all the hatred all of the anger. Most of the time, when you are feeling helpless and disempowered, it’s because you are identifying as the victim.

All of your POWER, as a mom of a T1D child, lies in knowing and really understanding that the circumstance is neutral.

That diabetes is neutral and the only thing you can control are your thoughts about it. When you focus on what you can control, instead of what you can’t control (the diagnosis), you get back your control

A powerful thought to think is, “What is meant to happen does. I was always going to be a mom with a T1D child, and nothing has gone wrong.” Then ask yourself, “If I knew this was always going to happen, how would I show up differently?”

You are going to have obstacles in your life, and those obstacles are part of the deal. They are supposed to happen. They’re part of the process of being human. Some helpful questions that I asked myself were:  What does having a T1D child offer me? What is the opportunity here? What can I learn from this? How can I use the diagnosis to make me stronger? What feels most like love right now?

“Bad” things happen, children get diagnosed with diabetes. It means you are a human on the planet, and this is what happens in life. You get to decide how you want to show up for yourself, your child and your family.

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