Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kiddos,

Today’s question is: Are you settling or are you building?

Building can be scary. Building can be uncomfortable. It’s not the easy road. It’s the road that you have to forge yourself through.  The instinct from our primitive brain is to want easy, to want safe, to not try anything new, and to settle for the status quo.

Is that what you want? Do you want to settle for the status quo?

Yes, our primitive brain wants us to stay in the cave and stay safe. However, if we never left the cave we would never know the comforts of what we have today. If we never felt scared, or uncomfortable we would have never grown to move into huts, homes, and the world in which we live in today.

What makes you uncomfortable? What areas of your life do you want to grow?

Once you decide what area you would like to start building growth…explore new thoughts that will get you to that place. The place where you can build your life on purpose. I started with neutral thoughts. I always believed that every day would contain anxiety because of diabetes and blood sugar numbers. The “what ifs” ruled every minute. What if…he seized, what if we over bloused, what if he never reached his full potential because of diabetes.

I decided that my anxiety was causing negative results in my life (and my son’s life) that I didn’t want. I needed to change something.

It took time, it took effort, it took practice but I started asking myself daily, “Diabetes is an opportunity to….” and I’d complete the sentence. This was a new way of thinking. It’s what I needed.

What I did was to slowly start to take control of my thoughts about diabetes. I thought that the struggle, the overwhelm and the exhaustion were all necessary. I thought they were the only thoughts available.

I decided to start building different results in my life. I no longer wanted diabetes to dictate my life. I wanted to take my power back and I did.

It was not easy. It was not comfortable. I failed often, but it was worth it. The “What ifs…” still show up on occasion but life is immeasurably better.

You can start building again. You can stop settling. Start exploring new thoughts and how they will impact your life and your dreams. Remember you are not alone. I’m here any time you need me…just direct message me on my diabetes inspired FB page (click here to access.)

P.S. Want to uplevel your life? Want help with building your future and controlling your thoughts about diabetes? Join me in a FREE 30 minute Exploration Coaching Session! It’s confidential one-on-one coaching.  Click here to schedule a free session.

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