Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Does your mind create unnecessary drama around diabetes?

When it comes to thoughts about your life, you have choices. When it comes to thoughts about diabetes, you have choices?  The best analogy is that there is this Menu of Beliefs that’s available to you. It’s presented to you, you open it and you get to choose, which beliefs you want. However, it’s only a “Menu” of beliefs not a “Menu” that can change circumstances. Not a “Menu” that can eliminate diabetes from your life (that would be incredible though – I’d take that option!) It’s one in which you get to choose what you believe about diabetes. Honestly I used to pick Drama off that “Menu” – Diabetes Drama.

What is diabetes drama? Diabetes Drama is the over-reactive, exaggerated details that your mind comes up with, daily, when you think about diabetes.

It’s when I see double arrows down at 70 on his CGM and my mind tells me he’s going to seize. It’s when I call him and he doesn’t pick up and we had planned to chat…yep I think something terrible happened. My mind used to always go to the worst case scenario and I used to allow the emotion to paralyze my thoughts. However, now I have trained myself to think without the drama. Think from a place of solving the issue – no drama necessary.

My mind is constantly thinking exaggerated thoughts (how about yours?) which create emotions that are useless.  The unnecessary anxiety, worry, and frustration are part of Diabetes Drama. I’ve learned to control that drama (most of the time.)

When I intentionally look at a situation and tell myself I can figure it out, without the drama…my mind is clearer. I leave the drama behind and create the results I want to see in my life. Do I tell myself that everything is wonderful? Absolutely no, but I put my brain to work solving the situation instead of staying in helpless worry and anxiety.

Diabetes Drama is what prevents us from accessing our true abundance in our lives.

Arnold Patent states, “We don’t create abundance. That is our natural state. What we create are limitations.” I used to create limitations surrounding diabetes. Now I create abundance. Do you want to intentionally create limitations? Of course, NOT…but your primitive brain on default mode creates limitations, which limits your ability to solve problems.

When you take charge and eliminate the drama you open yourself up to finding a solution.

Try an Abundance Mindset. No Drama. Just Problem Solving.

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