Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes

Today’s question is: Do you spend time mourning the loss of your pre-diabetes life?

Do you ever think about your life before diabetes? Do you think about what your life was supposed to look like?  Do you want your life to be different than it is? Guess what?

Your primal brain, your primitive brain wants you to live in a place that takes no responsibility. It wants you to live on default mode. It wants you to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. The easiest way to do that is to blame diabetes and to not take responsibility for your life.

So when we receive that diagnosis of diabetes we mourn the ease of the life that we imagined. We mourn what should have been.

How does that mourning feel? What do you think you mourn the most? For me, I mourned the vision of my life without diabetes. The simplicity of life.

I say that now, but I never thought my life was simple before diagnosis. I had four teenagers when my youngest was diagnosed. I thought life was hard before diagnosis. At that point I had a new frame of reference. All of a sudden I had this wonderfully blissful vision of what life would have been without blood sugars, A1Cs, 504s, and supply orders.

Wishing my life was different than it was made those years painful. They didn’t have to be. I want to help you to eliminate that pain from your life. I want to help you to stop resisting your life. I want to help you to stop being the victim of diabetes and take ownership.

As humans when life is difficult we just want to eliminate the discomfort and live in denial. If it’s painful, we want to avoid thinking about it. It’s easier for us to just resist the painful thoughts instead of creating new thoughts that serve us. It’s so painful that at times we cannot embrace the opportunity that’s right in front of us.

Resisting, Avoiding, and Reacting are emotions that will never serve us. They will keep us stuck.

They kept me stuck. They blinded me to the opportunity that diabetes offered. It offered me and my family a chance to take our blinders off and start living our lives on purpose. We stopped the blame game and being victims and started being empowered.

Started living like diabetes was meant to happen. That diabetes was an opportunity for us to choose our paths. Our paths that would include overcoming obstacles. Our paths that would include a community that was incredible. We took ownership of diabetes.

Now we can’t imagine a life without diabetes. We choose not to struggle. Struggle is a choice.

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