Welcome all of my Moms who have T1D kids! It’s my 1st Blog Post and it’s an honor and privilege to be with all of you! 

Today’s question is: Want to think and feel differently about diabetes and your child being diagnosed?

You are surely not alone! We all do!

Have you ever really thought about the diagnosis of diabetes? My guess is that you have, just as I have – for me it’s been over ten years. However, a new realization came to me one day when I was being coached by my coach, Master Coach, Brooke Castillo. I realized our children having diabetes is a circumstance.  Honestly, it is!  The definition of a circumstance is something that is a fact. A circumstance is something that everyone would agree upon and it is absolutely neutral…not positive or negative! I know you are saying….”No way! Diabetes is not neutral” and I’m here to tell you it is.  Our children having diabetes is neutral. It is only our thoughts about the diagnosis that creates positive or negative feelings inside of us.

Once I realized that the diagnosis of diabetes does not have to be negative I gained control over my life again.

I had been giving all of my power away by thinking that diabetes was not neutral. My thought was that it was undeniable and most definitely negative. I was angry all the time. I was blaming the world for everything. I was being the victim every day and totally operating in default mode. Well, once I realized (it took time) that it was my thought about my son being diagnosed with diabetes that was causing all of the pain in my life and not the diagnosis itself I felt so much freedom.

I took control over my thinking.

I decided that I could choose to think that diabetes was a gift to my family. Who knew and why not? I weighed the advantages and disadvantages of thinking that and I chose to take my power back.

I chose happiness!

You could, too! Was it easy? No…honestly the negative thoughts around diabetes were so imbedded in my brain and neuropathways that it took time. I had highways of neuropathways built to negative thinking and I had to start with a new path with a new thought. It was “work” but the most incredible “work” that changed every aspect of my life!

Want to change the trajectory of your life?

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