Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Are you stuck in a mind game of blaming diabetes for the results you have in your life?

Blaming diabetes for the results you have in your life is understandable but is blaming diabetes serving you? I will venture to say that it’s not.

Step 1: Blaming anyone or anything for how you feel leaves you completely disempowered and helpless. 

I call this living in emotional childhood. It’s the idea that we give all of our power over to someone or something else. I’ve done it! I find myself blaming diabetes for how I feel.  It’s just what my brain likes to do…not to take responsibility. It’s surely easier to play the blame game and relinquish all responsibility.

If diabetes is the reason why you feel so worried and overwhelmed then you’re totally screwed. Why? Because in order for you to not feel worried or overwhelmed you have to change the diagnosis. You have to no longer have a child with diabetes and you are helpless.

Step 2: The good news is that you have the power to NOT blame diabetes. You can live in emotional adulthood.

Emotional adulthood is when you take full responsibility for all of your feelings! When you blame diabetes you are giving diabetes all of your power and you are the victim of the diagnosis. If you live in emotional adulthood and own that diabetes is a part of your life, you get to decide on purpose, with intention, how you feel. You may choose to feel angry, sad, and discouraged and take full responsibility for those feelings…that’s true emotional adulthood.  Emotional adulthood leaves us fully empowered. It also gives you full power to be open to different options for your brain to think about diabetes. Perhaps there will be a day that you want to feel empowered, grateful and hopeful.

The difference between blame and responsibility is the difference between emotional childhood and emotional adulthood. Additionally, when you blame yourself instead of diabetes that is also emotional childhood. I still sometimes blame myself for blood sugar numbers and that never serves me! There is no positive result from blaming myself.

Step 3: When you take responsibility for how you feel and understand that the reason you feel the way you do is your thinking, your dreams can come true. 

Not participating in the Blame Game is life changing since you take responsibility, retain your power and get to choose the results you want in your life on purpose.

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