Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kiddos,

Today’s question is: Are you grateful for diabetes?

Is it even possible to be grateful for diabetes? Guess what? You get to choose if you want to be grateful.  It’s an option that’s available to you. Is it believable? Probably not!

I get it! I was exactly where you are. Struggling every day with every blood sugar. I was raising four children, one T1D –  overwhelmed, exhausted, and worried all the time.

I lived in the world of “what if” and that controlled my every thought.

What if his blood sugar was high? What if he had an extreme low? What if his pump stopped working? What if his supplies didn’t come in on time?

Did the worry help me? Did it allow me to create the results in my life that I wanted…on purpose? Did it help my son not to worry all the time, too?

Absolutely not! The worry served no purpose!

After ten years of worry I decided to change my thoughts. I decided to do the work and create results that I wanted. I decided that I didn’t want diabetes dictating every day.

Was it easy? No Way! It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I was afraid to let go of the worry. I had crazy thoughts…If I didn’t worry then I was a bad mom. If I didn’t worry something was wrong since I was supposed to worry, right?

I had developed a neuropathway that was embedded into my brain. My instinct was to worry no matter what. I had built a six lane highway to the worry thoughts. How could I possibly change them?

I started with one new thought. One new possibly believable thought and built on that.

I started a new road, a new dirt road that I was determined to develop. I wanted that six lane highway to become overgrown and not used. I wanted a new highway to form to a new thought pattern that was positive and believable.

I went from one thought to the next…

My life is going to be a struggle because of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is difficult.

Diabetes is a disease inside my son.

Diabetes is a disease that I can control.

Diabetes is a disease I can conquer.

Diabetes is a gift that is given to incredible moms.

I am grateful for diabetes. (I still have days I struggle but the struggle is not my predominate life story)

It took time. It took effort. It was worth it!

What are your thoughts about diabetes? How do you want to think about diabetes? What results do you want in your life?

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