Welcome to all of my Moms who have T1D kids!

Today’s question is: Are you willing to be wrong about diabetes by challenging yourself with new thoughts about it?

The foundational tool that I use when looking for new results in my life is The Self Coaching Model. It is the tool that was invented by my Master Coach, Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School. Brooke developed it as a way to organize your brain.

I’ve found using the model has changed my life immensely!

I used to think that diabetes had control over me, that I was justified in my suffering because my son had diabetes, but after I learned the model and applied it to my life I took back my power and started creating results in my life on purpose!

Learning the model allows you to choose the results you want in your life and then to alter you thoughts, feelings and actions to get those results.

Do you want to continue to take ownership of how you think about diabetes? Do you want to take ownership of the results in your life and snatch back your power?

Then The Model is for you! Here’s The Model and the components are simple and clear.


Circumstances are factual. Strictly facts. No drama or opinions, please. They are neutral.

Thoughts are the thoughts that you have about Circumstances. Opinions are included here, too.

Feelings are vibrations in your body. One-word descriptors: happy, sad, excited, anxious.

Actions are driven by your Feelings. We will act, react, or not act based on how we feel.

Results are determined by your Actions. What we do will always create our results.






Any problem can be categorized into The Model. That’s the beauty of it. No matter what is going on in your life…it will fit into The Model. Every day I use the model when I have a challenging situation.

I go through an unintentional model, which is how my primitive brain is thinking about a situation. My thoughts, feelings, actions and results on default mode, not taking ownership.

Then I explore an intentional model, which is how I want to think on purpose about that situation. I choose the result I want and then work backwards to how I need to act, and which feeling will drive that action, and then which thought will create that feeling.

Once something in your life is placed in The Model, you can see more clearly which thoughts are causing our feelings and actions.

Your brain will always want to prove something true. Your brain will look for evidence that supports your thinking. So think on purpose!

It wants you to be true and right. The Model shows us this. Our results will always provide evidence for our thoughts.

Are you willing to be wrong about diabetes?

By challenging your thoughts and being open to the possibility of being wrong, you’ll be willing to adopt new thoughts. Are you willing to think that diabetes may be for you instead of against you? Are you willing to believe the opposite of what’s hurting you right now?

Trying new thoughts on is always painful. It always requires effort, but it’s worth it.

 It’s a way to create new results in your life. It’s a way to dream bigger. It’s a way to look for opportunities for new growth. You being willing to think differently about yourself, will allow you to feel differently, act differently, and ultimately produce new and better results for you.

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