Welcome to all of my Moms who have kiddos with diabetes:

Today’s question is: Have you ever awakened in the morning and had a negative thought about diabetes?

When you wake up and your thoughts about diabetes are instantly negative, it is an unconscious habit and pattern of feeling. I remember the days that my thought pattern was to wake up and instantly think negative thoughts about diabetes. I used to think about everything that could go wrong with blood sugars, school, soccer games, sleep overs, you get the picture.

When you wake up, what is your first thought? What immediately comes to mind for you about diabetes?

Mine were negative! This is when I realized I was habitually creating unnecessary drama for myself. Upon waking, notice if your immediate thoughts are about the past or about the future. Is your day being started from a negative mindset or is it being started with hope and a vision of your future?

What feelings does that thought create? These feelings will fuel your day. What do you want fueling your day?

Start your day noticing what your immediate thoughts are about diabetes. Then spend time choosing thoughts you want to believe. Make sure they are believable. Many people will use affirmations as a way to start their day. This can be fine, but if your thoughts are so positive that they’re not yet believable, your brain is going to rebel.

You can start with the negative thoughts, and then gradually move up the scale to more neutral thoughts, and then on to more positive thoughts. All the while allowing your brain the space to believe what you are thinking.

Morning thoughts get us going for the day. Guiding those thoughts will get your day going in the direction of your choosing.

Start your day in a position of power. Choose your thoughts intentionally and don’t let your brain act on default mode because it will take the easiest path, which is the one you’re on (thinking the same thoughts). The one that doesn’t take any effort.

Here are a few thoughts to try:

I have power over what I think and feel about diabetes.

I’m going to feel love on purpose today towards diabetes.

Stress and worry about diabetes only pretends to be necessary. It is harmless and I should let them go.

I can be whoever I want to be today, even with a child who has diabetes.

Learning to choose your thoughts intentionally will create amazing results in your life!

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